Basal Rosids

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This group is one of the large natural divisions in the plant phylogeny recently revealed by molecular analyses. In general, Rosids are characterized by flowers with free petals (i.e., the petals are not at all fused at the base). There are several orders classified as basal Rosids, and two major clades within the group, usually referred to as Eurosids I and Eurosids II. These two groups are largely supported by molecular evidence; there are few morphological traits that link them.

Este grupo es una de las grandes divisiones naturales en el arból filogenético recientemente revelada por análises moleculares. Por lo general, las rósidas tienen flores con los pétalos libres (es decir, los pétalos no son unidos en la base). Existen varios órdenes clasificados como rósidas basales, y dos clados principales dentro del grupo, usualmente denominados eurósidas I y II. Las caracteristicas que principalmente unen estos dos grupos son moleculares y no morfológicos.

Basal Rosids families:

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